Join The Team

Worn Again Technologies is leading the charge to solve part of the world’s plastic crisis and the growing problem of textiles waste to landfill. After more than six years of intensive developments, our founding team and world class scientists are coming out of the lab and bringing our patented technology to market.

Ready To Make an Impact?

There are enough textiles and plastic bottles currently ‘above ground’ and in circulation today to satisfy our annual demand for raw materials to make new clothing and textiles. With our dual polyester/cotton technology solution, there will be no need to drill for oil to make new polyester and the industry will be able to radically decrease the amount of virgin cotton going into clothing.

Our Mission

To provide a technological catalyst and business model solution for the circularity of raw materials for textiles.

Making an Impact

A world where existing textiles provide the raw materials feedstock to make new clothing and apparel, as part of a continual cycle, thereby reducing if not eradicating the use of virgin resources.

Reclaim Infinity

A waste-free, circular resource world is within reach