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Developing circular recycling tech for textiles, recapturing raw materials from end use textiles to provide inputs into new clothing, replacing virgin resources

Joined January 2009


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    Oct 3

    The impact businesses are having on the world can no longer be ignored, so we’re looking at CEOs who are leading the charge with theirs

  2. Oct 6
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    Sep 20
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  4. Sep 19

    ITV Tonight programme getting down to the detail with Worn Again Technologies’ CSO Dr Adam Walker.

  5. Sep 9

    It’s not all gloom and doom. Celebrate innovation. Celebrate pioneering people and companies leading the way.

  6. Sep 9

    We can’t wait to read Fashionopolis by — heavy hitting issues but a focus on solutions via

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    Aug 9

    Thanks to for naming Grover in their list of top 10 circular economy startups making the world a better place, with , , , , , , , &

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    Aug 19

    Investition in – Forschung zur Trennung von Textilfasergemischen zur Schließung des Textilkreislaufes

  9. Jul 23

    So happy and grateful to have won the for Innovation last month - Incredible footage provided straight from Paris. Everything was hotting up that day! 🌞

  10. Jul 5

    Advancing the tech, one cheesy song at a time

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    Jun 24

    Congratulations to on the winning of the ‘One to Watch’ award at the Awards last week, for their work on bringing circularity to textiles and plastics.

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    Lors de l', le Dr Adam Walker et Cyndi Rhoades pour Technologies remportent le Prix de l', la somme de 30 000 euros et le soutien de , président exécutif de la et membre de l’Académie des Technologies.

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    Jun 28

    Congratulations for winning the Fashion Innovation Award from ! Proud to support you since 2015.

  15. Jun 28

    We won! Very proud of our team and pleased to be part of the French drive to a circular fashion industry.

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    Jun 27

    Koché (Christelle Kocher) remporte le Grand Prix de l’ 2019. Nicolas Lecourt Mansion remporte le Prix Jeune Collection, Khaoré le prix Accessoires et le prix de l'Innovation.

  17. Jun 27

    Judges from a funny angle post presentation. Up against some excellent innovations. Will find out tonight!

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    May 28
    Replying to and

    nice to meet you 👋

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    May 28

    We have partnered up with to eradicate waste in the fashion industry by pioneering new ways of bring waste-to-fiber garments to the fashion market and for the YOUTH!

  20. Retweeted
    May 29

    Worn Again Technologies announces its Pioneer Members


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